Clients share their experience


Clients Share Their Experience

When you feel lost, you are found. With Amanda’s gifted guidance and beautiful approach to life, I feel as though I go through a transformation each time we speak. Each one is unique to the circumstances and speaks utter truths that are incredibly mind blowing. Your gift is remarkable and so are you, Amanda! Thank you as always. 


I loved EVERYTHING about my reading with Amanda, including her as a person! As soon as we got started, I felt a wave of calm wash over me. The information that came through was spot-on, and I walked away with pages and pages of notes that I refer to just about every week. I received the most encouraging guidance that led to positive breakthroughs in my marriage & career, I was able to spot and avoid a business decision that wouldn’t have been the right fit, and I ended our session with an increase in confidence around who I am, and the path I’m on. I highly recommend a reading with Amanda! Such a gift!

Lisa Fiorvante

Amanda is absolutely lovely! She was super in-tune, exceptionally clear, and amazingly sweet. Would definitely recommend!

Kari Samuels

She is amazing to work with. My experience was everything I was looking for and more. Absolutely worth it. I’m looking forward to my next reading.

Jerusha Welch

I was referred to Amanda by a friend and was skeptical at first to do a reading over the phone. She immediately put my mind at ease when she told me about something that had just happened and I started listening intently. She is so divinely “dialed in” and gave me such a deep insight and awareness into an event that happened with my mom last summer (who had passed away a few years ago). She helped me to have a greater understanding of the magnitude of it all. I have referred Amanda to others and will continue to call on her services again in the future.

Tamara Grace Arjanpreet Kau

Amanda is a wonderful reader of signs and pictures and now colors as well! The color that wafted through our reading was really helpful in shifting my mood and psyche.

Lauren Lovett

Amanda has a truly rare gift! My reading helped me to connect with several loved ones who passed under unusual ways and unclear as well. I am now at peace with the outcome. She also helped me see and understand current issues I am dealing with now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cheryl Dziedzic

She’s amazing. I had such an incredible breakthrough on the phone with Amanda. She channeled three of my loved ones who have crossed over, and brought through messages that were so impactful for my life and direction, and helped me break through and let go of some old, destructive habits. The result was an INCREDIBLE shift in my personal life that blew my mind. Amanda is a clear, kind, bright channel. I highly recommend Amanda.

Ingrid Turner

The gift that I received from Amanda is something I’ll never forget. She hit spot on with everything I needed to know, connected me with loved ones, and gave me and my family closure.

Christina Hyde

Amanda has an extraordinary gift of delivering divine messages to your physical self, spirit and soul all wrapped in her own divine love energy. Readings with Amanda resonate on all levels for your journey and gently shines on those areas of your path that allow you to grow and proceed with the least contrast. Insightful, accurate and illuminating. And you are filled with love as she reads….of the divine and her own heart space… she gives of herself unselfishly, lovingly and at an incredibly high vibration. I am grateful for our connection and budding relationship. You will be too!

Lynn Howe

Amanda brings in humor and so much caring to her work. I always walk away feeling heard and reenergized.

Vanessa Couto

Amanda has an amazing, sweet energy and it’s so easy to connect with her, immediately. Shared the perfect information for me, at the perfect time. Wonderful experience.

Rosalie Brown

I am eternally grateful for Amanda. She brought me the closure I very much needed from my dad. She knew things that she could never have known, told me things about my childhood that brought instant tears to my eyes. I finally got the answers I’ve been searching for and was able to connect with my father through her. It’s been months since she did my reading, and it still brings so much happiness to my heart. She will never know how truly thankful I am for what she did for me. She’s so special to me and outstanding at what she does!

Nichole Lee

I am absolutely amazed with my reading! The messages I received from my loved ones and guides have been so inspirational and have given me an unshakable confidence that I’ve never had. Amanda is so sweet and giving of her time and talent. I will certainly be referring to her for guidance in the future!

Jesikah Black

I honestly cannot thank Amanda enough! My reading was absolutely amazing! I was so excited to finally connect with my daddy after so many years! Everything she said was absolutely straight from him and it makes my heart smile!

Julie Cook

My best friend passed away last week and Amanda was so helpful in keeping me connected to her throughout her coma and allowed me to hear and understand from her throughout the process. I can’t imagine having gone through this process without Amanda’s guidance, compassion and insight.

Beth Ryan

Amanda’s reading was completely spot on! I did not mention one word about the issue I was seeking to resolve, and she got it immediately. I am so grateful for her insight and guidance.

Kate P.

I received an amazing reading! A great healing experience!

Jaclyn Burkey

I had no idea what to expect with my reading and LOL also might have thought that it would be weird, creepy or fake. I am happy to say that Amanda was none of those things. Within moments of our phone call starting, Amanda was able to gain insight into what was going on with me physically and emotionally. Throughout my reading, Amanda made sure that she was not only getting answers to my questions but also that I was getting all the messages that I needed to hear. I am ramping up a new business and got a big thumbs up along with some guidance on my next steps towards success. I loved our time together and absolutely recommend that you spend time with her too!

Dena Burton

What a wonderful reading and beautiful confirmation I received from Amanda. Just perfect!

Karen Jones

All my readings have been incredible. Her readings were spot on predicting some major life events. She also reached out to a dog I had lost two years ago and it brought me peace to feel her energy and love again.

Stacey Keefer

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